As liberals, we don’t want to acknowledge the residual bigotry inside us. We fight against the large acts of prejudice while unwittingly ignoring vestiges of racism that might be hidden in our words and actions.

My work challenges the perception that only those who have suffered from acts of racism can make art about prejudice. As a society, we are all affected by racism. Since I historically belong to the white oppressor group, I believe it is my obligation to address issues of bigotry. I would like to promote a discussion about the work we need to do to eliminate racism.

To represent the type of unwittingly bigoted statements that liberals may make, I use commercial companies to imprint objects such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, and canvas tote bags.I like the contrast of the absurdly exuberant "White Liberal" proclamations and the plain, utilitarian objects. These art objects have been shown in galleries imitating a retail store. I also photograph them in scenes with ethnic implicatons.


You can become part of this contributors online gallery by buying the art products in these photographs. You can use the mugs for your coffee, carry your groceries in a tote bag, or you can use them to create your own art installations. You can even take pictures of them, in your own location, and upload them to an online gallery. Linda Hesh invites you to join her in making art that works to understand.

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